Get to Know… Motormouth Maybelle and Little Inez


Get to know Brenda Edwards (Motormouth Maybelle) and her on stage daughter Little Inez (Monifa James).

Who/What inspired you to become a performer?

Brenda: My main memory of my parents is that they always played music and I have just grown up loving all genres and loved to sing for as long as I could remember. 

Monifa: My family used to play instruments when I was younger, so I have always been around music and I have loved performing from a very young age. Many performers have inspired me such as Beyonce and Beverley Knight as well as actress Raven Symone.

Do you have any pre-show habits?

Brenda: A good steam.

Monifa: I always drink loads of water as I have a fear of getting a dry throat on stage. When I am backstage, I do a few last minute stretches and vocal warm ups- sirens and lip trills.

What is your dressing room essential?

Brenda: My boom box. I like to play up beat songs and sing along.

Monifa: Portable speaker- I always need music playing when I am getting ready.

At school, were you the Nicest Kid in Town or always in Detention?

Brenda: I was one of the nicest kids. I was a school prefect and also got outstanding pupil of the year award in my last year. 

Monifa: I was definitely one of the nicest kids in town; I was a good girl throughout school and college.

What is your all time favourite dance move?

Brenda: The ‘Jump On It’

Monifa: Nae Nae

What was your favourite TV show as a teenager?

Brenda: I love all soap operas. Brookside, Dallas, Crossroads, Home & Away, Eastenders etc.

Monifa: Victorious, The Dumping Ground and Shake it Up

What message would you give your teenage self?

Brenda: Think before you speak.

Monifa: To stay positive and continue to work hard as it will all be worth it in the end.

How would you describe Hairspray in 3 words?

Brenda: Relevant, entertaining and colourful.

Monifa: Powerful, joyful, optimistic