Get to know… Edna and Wilbur Turnblad


Hairspray UK Tour- Matt Rixon (Edna Turnblad) and Norman Pace (Wilbur Turnblad)

We spent 5 minutes with our Timeless duo, Matt Rixon (Edna Turnblad) and Norman Pace (Wilbur Turnblad) to find out their favourite dance moves and how they would describe Hairspray in 3 words…

Who or what inspired you to be a performer?

Matt: My Dad is an actor and my mum was a drama teacher so I grew up in theatres – I was inspired by all the amazing theatre folk I met as a child.

Norman: I was in a school play at the age of 5 and was instantly hooked on showing off.  I’m still doing it but now they pay me!

Do you have any pre show habits?

Norman: I like to be on my own from the quarter hour call. Indeed to concentrate…get in the zone!

What is your dressing room essential?

Matt: Me!

Norman: A bed…or a floor. I need to lie down and listen to radio 5 live.

At school, were you a Nicest Kid in Town or more likely to be in detention?

Matt: Definitely in detention!

Norman: A foot in both camps

What is your all time favourite dance move?

Matt: Sitting down with a cup of tea

Norman: Walking…I think I’ve mastered it.

As a teenager, what was your favourite TV show?

Matt: Anything by Monty Python

Norman: Monty Python

If you could give a message to your teenage self, what would it be?

Matt: I have 4 children and don’t know what advice to give them so I wouldn’t have a clue what to say to myself. Probably ‘Carry on until found out!’

Norman: Don’t try so hard.

And finally, how would you describe Hairspray in 3 words?

Matt: Ready. Steady. Go!

Norman: Effusive, Extraordinary, Effervescent