Big, Blonde and Beautiful: 60’s Fashion & Body Confidence


The 1960’s was an influential era for fashion with trends breaking the mould. Daring, vibrant colours were everywhere, skirts got shorter and hair got bigger! It was also a time to start embracing your body, no matter what shape and size, which Tracy Turnblad champions with her oozing confidence in Hairspray the Musical.

Today, we’re taking a look back at the key fashion trends in the 1960’s. We also have top tips from some our favourite bloggers on how to be inspired by 60’s fashion today, and how to be radiant and confident!


© Lana Lobell 1962

Key Trends


© NBH 1964

Staple looks in the 1960’s included geometric shift dresses, Go-go boots and pop art inspired patterns. In 1964, designer Mary Quant introduced the mini skirt, shocking everyone with the thigh flashing style! Suede mini skirts and bell-bottomed trousers were also essential wardrobe pieces. Coco Chanel inspired hair bows were all the rage when it came to accessorising.

In the mid 60’s a fashion rebellion sparked in London, creating the Mod look and a “do your own thing” attitude to fashion. Individuality was celebrated and style icons such as Twiggy were worshiped!

1960's fashion- Twiggy

Twiggy © Sarahcstanley

How do I wear 60’s fashion today?

We asked some of our favourite plus size fashion bloggers to give us their tips on how to own it like Tracy Turnblad and bring 60’s fashion to the 21st century with style and confidence:

  • “Don’t write something off until you’ve tried it – You may think that bold 60s patterns aren’t your thing. How do you know until you’ve tried?”
    Em from http://www.terribletumbles.co.uk/
  • “A key fashion trend in the 60’s was the monochrome look. Block outfits of black and white were all about being bold, sharp and super cool. I love the monochrome look today and it’s so effortless to wear. A simple black and white outfit can be brought into the 21st century with a zing of colour in the shape of shoes, a statement necklace or bag. Don’t be afraid to stand out and go a little monocrazy – things are never just black and white unless it’s fashion!”
    Hollie from http://prettybigbutterflies.com/
  • “When looking at 1960’s fashion it’s easy to be intimidated by all the mini skirts and figure hugging jump suits but don’t forget you don’t have to follow the trends of that decade religiously.
    You can just give a stylish nod to the decade in your outfit. One of my favourite ways to wear a 1960s look is to channel early sixties beatniks. I’m talking cropped leggings, over-sized sweater and ballet pumps. Another approach is to simply wear a headscarf that matches your skater dress for some Tracy Turnblad chic. A small beehive and french flick eyeliner and you are ready to do the locomotion or jive like a bunny!”
    Betty from http://www.pamperandcurves.com/
  • “Wear everything with confidence – You know how you think that stylish, confident woman looks amazing? Well they think the same about you – ROCK that look!
    Em from http://www.terribletumbles.co.uk/


  • For me, confidence begins with a good skincare ritual. An amazing skincare routine can fight off blemishes for good, sooth sore skin and some skincare products even promise to stop signs of aging. So why hide your skin problems, when you can get rid of them and make your skin glow. Your skin will be the second thing people will notice, because your confidence will be glowing brighter.”
    Georgie from www.thelipstickdaily.com

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