1960’s Beauty Trends & Tips


1960s beauty- hairspray the musical uk tour

Hair and Beauty are an integral part of the Corny Collins Show, where would Tracy and the Nicest Kids in Town be without all their cans of Ultra Clutch Hairspray?

We’re taking a look at the biggest beauty trends in the 1960’s and giving you some handy hints from a selection of beauty bloggers on bringing the look up-to-date.




  • Eyeliner – As sported by many of the era’s beauty idols, hair and make-up looks in the 60s provided plenty of visual drama. One of the most popular looks of the 60s was using eyeliner on the eyelid to accentuate the shape of eye sockets and make eyes look larger.
1960's make up- Hairspray the musical UK Tour
  • Eyelashes– False lashes added extra drama on not only the top, but also the bottom layer of lashes.
  • Lips- The focal feature of the face in the 60s was the eyes, so lips were often very pale and powdered, or lined with a light red and filled in with a pale colour.


  • 1960s hair was all about height, Beehives became a staple look, especially at formal events and these were often adorned with small birds and flowers to decorate.
    1960's Hair Styles- Hairspray the Musical UK Tour

How do I use 60’s beauty trends today?

 “One of my favourite aspects of 1960’s glam was the rise of the nude lip (thanks girls, I owe you!), with women covering their lips in concealer to get that ‘barely there’ look. Apply highlighting powder to your cupid’s bow and top lip to make nude lips pop.” Amy from Four Cats Plus Us.

“If you want that authentic nod to the mod you’re going to need to brave the backcomb.  If you don’t fancy a full on beehive, a good alternative is to backcomb the crown and sides of your hair for some subtle extra height and, once you’ve hairsprayed everything into position, use your hair straighteners to flip the ends out.”  Jo and Victoria from She and Hem.

“To get the perfect cat eye flick, draw a dot with a Kohl pencil where you want the flick to end to help guide you. To get the full “Twiggy” look, draw bottom lashes on with liquid eyeliner.” Lynne from Cocktails and Daydreams.

Lynne- Cocktails & Daydreams

“When trying to achieve a bold 60’s eye make-up, stick to matte eyeshadows and be sure to wear a primer underneath to get maximum colour payoff.” Amy from Four Cats Plus One.

Take a look at Ever So Juliet’s 60’s beauty look.

Ever so Juliet- 1960s beauty

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