10 Facts about Hairspray the Musical UK Tour


Hairspray the musical UK Tour collage

Think you know Hairspray the Musical UK Tour? Think again! Today we’re bringing you 10 facts we bet you never knew about the show and our current tour…




1. There are 65 wigs used per show.


2. There are a total of 56 people constantly on tour (30 cast, 8 in the band, 18 backstage)

Hairspray the Musical UK Tour

3. On top of this there’s a team of people who come in each Saturday to help remove, and then on Monday to put up the set, lighting, sound, wardrobe, wigs, props, furniture and company luggage into the next venue.


4. The Hairspray UK Tour is doing 264 performances, visiting 30 different venues over 9 months.

 Hairspray the Musical UK Tour Map

5. The show is transported in 4 large trucks.

 Hairspray the Musical UK Tour lorry

6. There are over 250 costumes.


7. There are 25 musical numbers in the show.

 Hairspray the Musical UK Tour sign

8. Every night, the wigs team use up 3 cans of Hairspray.

 Hairspray the Musical UK Tour Hairspray cans

9. Our biggest venue on the tour was Edinburgh Playhouse which seats 3000 people.


10. So far, 250,000 people have seen Hairspray the Musical on tour.


Catch us at one of our remaining venues! Take a look at Tour Dates here.