Get to know…Tracy and Link


Tracy Turnblad (Rebecca Mendoza) and Link Larkin (Edward Chitticks) Hairspray UK Tour

We asked our leading lovebirds Rebecca Mendoza (Tracy Turnblad) and Edward Chitticks (Link Larkin) their pre-show routines, what advice they would give their teenage self and what they were really like at school.  

Tracy & Link- Hairspray UK Tour

Who/What inspired you to become a performer?      

Rebecca: From a very young age my mum put me into dance classes and my love for performing began then. Hoylake School of dance became a second home and my love for musical theatre grew stronger. Without that school I wouldn’t be the performer I am now.

Edward: No-one really. I fell into it by accident. I used to do martial arts but they couldn’t afford rent. The space was taken over and so I started singing.

Do you have any pre-show/backstage habits?

Rebecca: I always get really nervous about 5 mins before I go on so I have to give myself a little pep talk and say a quick message to my Nan and Granddad who have passed away and that calms me.

Edward: I like to psych myself up by shouting affirmations at the mirror…kidding :). Eat some food, take a hot shower and get ready!

What is your dressing room essential?

Rebecca: A picture of my family.

Edward: Toothpaste, mints, breath spray (for the kissing scenes!).

At school, were you one of the nicest kids in town or were you more likely to be in detention?

Rebecca: I was very good in school. I was head girl!

Edward: Absolutely a nicest kid but I was still the cheekiest person in the room.

What is your favourite dance move?

Rebecca: The Worm

Edward: The ‘hey baby you look like you could use a stiff one’

What was your favourite TV show when you were a teenager?

Rebecca: Saved by the Bell!

Edward: The Corny Collins Show

What would you say to your teenage self?

Rebecca: Ignore what people say you can’t do because you will prove them all wrong. Believe in yourself and learn to love yourself more.

Edward: Don’t take everything so seriously and ALWAYS BE YOU!

Describe hairspray in three words?

Rebecca: Life-changing, hilarious, fun!

Edward: Highly volatile, flammable, mould breaking. I’ll let you work out whether I am talking about the product or the show!

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